Rabu, 01 Agustus 2012

Rayon Yarn

Meet my collection for making clothes such as cardi, top, bolero, vest, syawl or dress.. Rayon yarn has a soft texture and very comfortable to wear. Rayon is suitable if you make clothes on Indonesian climate. Because this yarn like cotton, cool. But Rayon more shiny than cotton. And i have 2 size, there are normal size (hook 3/4, 5/6) and small size ( i called Rayon luxury use hook 2/3). You can use Rayon luxury for edging! :)
hmmm i think more than half in my fashion crochet collection using this yarn. 
Rayon blue grey, blue, natural white, cream, dark brown
Rayon yellow - salem - baby pink - pink - green
Rayon Luxury Pink
Rayon Luxury collection
Rayon Luxury Baby Pink
Rayon Luxury Coklat Bata
Rayon Luxury Natural White
So.... if you want to make something about fashion ... Use this yarn, we can meet this yarn in yarn shop, and many more online Shop sell this yarn. :D.
Online shop yarn like Amore Craft, I like Rayon sembur.. Rayon Sembur is one ball have more than 2 colors. Untill now i still waiting my order, because always out of stock :D.
Then... Gomerajut , in Gomerajut i can meet Rayon Luxury with various color. and their have Rayon Luxury sembur that i haven't. And also Rayon Viscoce Impor :) it's good to your project.
hmmm ... hopefully this information can help you to buy Rayon yarn and using rayon to your project!
for order and product inquiry 
just text me or via WhatsApp   +628180 5996 333  
or email me at aprilianawijaya@gmail.com 


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