Senin, 27 Agustus 2012

Rainbow Bow Hat

Hello Monday! Hello Loly Buddies?!
How's your holiday ? My holiday is so great vacation with my family :) 
And hopefully your monday start with full spirit to work!
This morning, I watched news tv and hear about forest fire :( I really sad about this news.
Why humans so cruel... Please use your brain with heart. There are so many animals and tree in the forest.
Lets we live together and make the earth more friendly! :D 
I love animals.... I love tree! Lets save them!! 

hmm.... first post from holiday.... i write about hat for kids,
Owl hat is best seller from Lolypop, and rainbow bow hat for new item.
for order and product inquiry 
just text me or via WhatsApp   +628180 5996 333  
or email me at 


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