Jumat, 23 Juli 2010

♥♥CAT lovers ♥♥

YEY,, finally i take photo with my luvely cat "brengos!!" ahahahaha..... wahy called "brengos"? because Brew (nickname) has mustache under her nose..  i also tried to edit my photos... not bad... long time i dont edit my photo.. hmm... how about catty hat?
pretty right? u can use for hang out , cosplay (maybe), etc.. hahahha...
material cotton yarn ^^

,, dont forget accecories too..
THANkyou for share...

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Rabu, 21 Juli 2010


yeah!! finished today...
this crochet hat animal series request from stely luanda hope she like it...
hahahaha... i love that catty.. is very cute.. reminds me to my lovely cat,,Brengos... ^^
i really happy can make it..
because i love the animal......
funny if u use it,, i will include the pict later..

for order sms 08180 5996 333
 indonesian only

ohh i will share with us
please join vdcouture 2nd-giveaway
cute stuff will gave for u if u join her...

thenkyu for share everybody^^

Jumat, 16 Juli 2010


photos in kerep finally finished well in the edit by Deny..and I'll share to you ..hehehehe ...sorry because I'm still stiff when pose for photos ... and not good to make up: P 
much to learn .. thankyu for share..
follow my blog and i will following u! ^.^

Rabu, 14 Juli 2010

Door Hanger

Hey!!This request from Amelia for her friend. Hope Amelia like it and order again... ^o^
There are magnet series or door hanger (maybe, because i dont know english) hehehehhee... u can hanger it in door. Decorate your refrigerator or wall..... for souvenir also... ^^
People can request the hair,,,male / female.. and colour the font.

Selasa, 13 Juli 2010

lets graduate!!

Yey. celebrate my graduation party in August, I made this for friends.I hope they like it ..hehehhehe ..pal loly if want to order contact 08180 5996 333besides this there are also other models.time of approximately 1 month. I took a long time to make it ... please be patient ya

Senin, 12 Juli 2010


Yey crochet hat there is also a sprinkling of color.Product: Rasta hat rainbow35 000 pricehigh quality, cotton yarn. Take 3 day to make it..

from Semarang

Miyazaki Frisca from Jakarta
are some Sobat lolypop who already buy and use Rasta Hat from Lolypop.pretty right?

Minggu, 11 Juli 2010

crochet hat & syawl best collection

I really like this photo
This photo was taken in Kerep, Ungaran.. beautiful landscape,,
Thankyou brother Deny from Ivan Haliono photography,, because He has helped to taken this photo..

 this item.. Syawl!!
characteristic: warm, tighly crochet and colour by request,cotton material
IDR 30.000 correct price IDR 35.000,-
because it took quite a long time for making..

and Rasta hat IDR 30.000,-
colour by request.. cotton material.

Sabtu, 10 Juli 2010

niu crochet cardigan

crochet bolero of cotton yarn
high quality handmade ....
color: by request .....
this bolero match combined with tanktop / tubedress / kemben, etc.
perfect for hanging out or a casual party ..

 this bracelet ^.^
And the butterfly necklace
This bag is suitable for schools or hang out^^ colour by request

for order please contact 08180 5996 333