About Us

Hello Lolypop! ;)
At Lolypop we know what it's like to be a customer, so we work hard to provide you the best online shopping experience. We are trusted online store, go ahead and shop with confidence!
Lolypop is selling many idea about handycraft, and customized for you only!
Why called Lolypop? because our's product so colorfull and sweet just like lollipop candy :)
Lolypop product are :
(tuspin, brooch, hairclip, hairband, bandana, necklace, etc)
( boleros, vest, cardigan, syawl, korean hat, hat )
(hp strap, keychain, amigurumi, clay, etc)
-Gift or Personal Item
(Agenda / Diary, Name Card, name tag, various clay product, etc)

We promise that we will answer customer's email as soon as possible.

I hope that many people would love Lolypop's stuff...
Support young entrepreneurs like us by buying our product.
Shop with confidence!

Please be patient if you want to order, because we are handmade : )
Happy Shopping!

Hello NaNa!
My name is Apriliana Wijaya :D. call me Nana.
I like travelling. I like to meet another people. I like to see a unique building in many more city.
I like fashion and photography! I love my life.

I graduated from UNIKA Soegijapranata University in Semarang as Architecture major. However, during all those hours spent studying and drawing I found out that I really love making handmade fashion accesory, crochet and craft. So, I decided to share my chic and cute but affordable accessory with you guys!