Senin, 31 Januari 2011

celebrate 2nd birthday lolypop!!

This day,, 31 Januari 2011 ,, lolypop Shop cellebrate 2nd year....
Thanks God because for 2 years lolypop can exist for serving Loly Buddies and lolypop product can be accepted by all loly buddies with all ages!! We also improve quality product and improve services as possible ...
Thenkyou for all buddies who have believed in and buy loly's product.. and also become loyal customer in lolypop shop.. (^o^)v

And now... for celebrate 2nd birthday lolypop can be exist,, lolypop will gift u free.....!! this item are 2 RASTA HAT BENNIE HAT (Topi rajut Fall) colour broken white and gray!  for 2 person yay!!
This Bennie are best seller from lolypop.. There are sold more than one hundred.... For u who don't have.. so lets join and win ittt!!!!!

How i can get this one?
1. Follow my blog ^^
2. write " I want Gray"  or " I want Broken White"
3. Write your reason why you really want this!
4. Leave your email for contact u!!

Open for all blogger in the world...
so lets join it!!
olivia from Bangka wear gray Bennie

Sela from Tegal wear gray Bennie

Miyaszaki Frisca from Jakarta wear gray Bennie

vereen lee from a little princess wear broken white bennie
mee.. wear broken white bennie
yey yey yey!!
okey... lets join and win it okey!!

close at 14 Februari 2011

6 komentar:

  1. I want Broken White
    because the colour is so nice and easy to mix and match with another colour because broken white is a natural colour

  2. Hi Nanachan, great giveaway!
    I want broken white. I'm already a follower☺.
    I like it because it looks cute and will be more adorable if my daughter wears it!!


  3. i want broken white, cause it's simple n looks so cute and match if i wear it with my white clothes :)

  4. i want broken white, cause it's simple n looks so cute and match if i wear it with my white clothes :)

    e-mail :


  5. I want the grey one ci :D

    the reason are ...
    1. i like grey and the colour is netral, so i can mix n match the beannie with any other colours.
    2. there is no comment that choose the grey beannie, so i have more opportunity to get the grey beannie ;D

  6. Haii..
    aku udah follow..
    Trus aku mau yg abu2,krn..lebih keren aja..
    e mail: