Kamis, 30 Agustus 2012


Hello Loly! This my story about Eid Holiday :)
I went to Jakarta with my cousin, uncle grand father/mother and with my grand pa's friend. This time is first time I went Jakarta ;) hahahaha.
There are lil bit photoshoot taking by me and my uncle, Cris. He is my uncle but I call him bro, because he only five years older than me. hahaha. We leave Semarang at 6.am on august 17th, and arrived in Jakarta at 2am 18th. long and tiring journey :D. Traffic Jam almost 80km when want to Toll ( but i can't remember the name of toll :P) In jakarta, we went to Central Park mall, Taman Anggrek, then family gathering, and went to Cisarua - Taman Safari. Taman Safari, is a great place that i went! Wonderfull zoo with wonderfull animals!
my uncle, Liem, Yong me and my cousin, Melina. :D
Brothe Chris. hahahaha... he is strong!!
The only driver from Semarang to Jakata to Semarang again!
Nice view... :D 
Save our Elephant!
He is my grandfather :D
Taking photoshoot with a lionet :D
Unfortunately, in Safari Park we can't go some places. Looked penguin, snake, waterrfall and another places in the Safari. A lot of interesting performances like sircuss, safari night are presented during Eid Holiday. and we can't enjoy them. But it's okey. Perhaps at other times we can visit Safari again. :D
Central Park mall. 
Central Park mall have park that we can show ability like dancing, photograph,
and meet other community.

Taken photo with Sugar Glider on Nylon Glider lovers community.

Nasi Campur Putri Kenanga
Spaghetti Ice Cream
See ya !
4 days in Jakarta is so fun and i really enjoy the trip!
Hopefully i can go to Jakarta againn and go to some places and met another people!

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