Sabtu, 21 Januari 2012

Over the Rainbow

Hello Loly!
1 week i'm not posting.. how are u dear? hahahaha...  I got flu, fever, sore throat, stomache... so many.. my body is not delicious =.= but i'm okay today... :D hihihihihi.....  Keep our health Loly's buddies! the weather is very bad.. eat lots of vitamins for your health..

ohh... I've been eating "Mi Sumatra" - Sumatra Noodle's- with Deny
D : "heh, liat belakang! apa tu?" ("hey, look at your back, what is that?")
dan akupun menoleh, mengamati apa yang dibelakangku (I looked back, and saw all around me)
N : "ndak ada apa - apa" ("nothing")
and He was successed stole my cracker (like pangsit)....
He's cheated me like cheat her niece who has seven years old.

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