Senin, 09 Januari 2012

Holiday @Jatim Park II

 Hello Loly!....
Lolypop is come back for a long holiday :D Great holiday ever with Arga, Dopi and my sister's, Alisya..
in front of Museum! Great architecture... remind me about  Greek style :)
First day on Jan 4, 2012 I went to Jatim Park II. There are Museum Satwa and Batu Secret Zoo.
I will share the pics for you... Amazing place for your holiday... very recommended if you go to Malang / Surabaya, you must go to Batu (near Malang, 2 hours from Surabaya) ;D
There are Dopi and Arga :)
beautiful owl.... isn't it?
We taken picture with owl and racoon (maybe..) This owl is so beautiful and cute.... (pengen tak bawa pulang... hihihihi). Unfornately, these animals looked stressed because too many people want taken picture with them. And some people who don't know the rule taken with flash... so this animal are shocked and be angry. (Grrr.. I will kick them and throw to the pool with lots of aligators... hohohoohohooo )

i want bring it to my homeeeee.... :D
remind me to evan almighty movie :D 
Save our's Tiger!! 
I'm very sad, when i saw this board, many tiger was died for his skin :( 
colorfull parrot 
We were taken pict in front of diorama 3d with Dinosaur.. soo Great!
Ice Age puppets show!
Save Our's leopard!!
my sister :)
polar diorama
cafetaria and rest area 
statue and bamboo ornament.
white tiger asleep
This roof design for many more animal especially many types of birds. Birds are released , so these birds can fly  and perched on branch in main coloumn. Almost all animals in this zoo derived from overseas.
this roof make from steel cable and  like gauze ( kain kasa ?) with steel coloumn. 
The sign shows animals information and the scarcity of animals
this is first day in Jatim Park... so amazing and very great adventure :) I love animals in Batu Secret Zoo.. I very fascinated about all animal in zoo, the shows, the landscape with funny statue and path arrangement with clear direction ;). all so great and amazing! very recommended if u want to holiday... 
The ticket only IDR 65.000 for Batu Secret Zoo
and IDR 20.000 for the Museum.

I very hope, all animals in zoo can comfortable with their cage and breed well....
hopefully the owner can taking good care for animals and employee :D

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  1. Jatim Park emang keren ^^
    Wah naik tho masuknya. :-s

  2. iya... keren banget!
    masuknya karena diitung high season..
    Kalo ga high season IDR 50.000

  3. jatim park..aku pertama masuknya pas baru2 buka masih Rp.25.000 ^.* keren yaa