Selasa, 31 Januari 2012

3rd Birthday :D

Happy Birthday Lolypop!!!!
finally, Lolypop has been running for three years :D
i'm very happy and proud, 
many obstacles began in the making, customers, and marketing.. everything solved well :)
Thankyou for supporting Lolypop, just looking my blog, i'm very pleased :)
I hope Lolypop can more bigger, more closer to customer and expasion product to various field.
i'm very apologize if lolypop's service are less pleasing.
Hope it can be more better for this year.

Looking first Lolypop's product in the first year :D
i made it for PKM. but i'm not win :D
this is the first order i make architecture model.. It is Zoo. :D
My architecture model for my exam in 4th semester
Beez Easter Eggs :D 
Chicken Easter egg
hahahhahaa... it's cute... I made from grated coconut & cornhusk , and then i colored using colored fabric and then become grass, trees, bush, flower :D.

 Thankyouuuu all for the support ;D


2 komentar:

  1. heppy birthday Lolypop ^_^
    muga semakin sukses, aminnn :)

  2. Met ulang tahun Lolypop..
    terus berkarya dan sukses selalu..
    semangat,,, ^_^

    lucu-lucu banget ya produknya..
    Keyen...arsitektur buatanya..