Sabtu, 26 November 2011

Smiling Angry Birds :)

Red : Hey Black! Let's make a strategy...
red : lets's meeting first before we go to war!

red : yellow, you must the first thrown to green pig!

The Captain!
Hello Loly!!
How are you?
hihihihihi... This day i'm little bit angry about my class today... But,, i will forget and throw it far away from me... hahahahhaa
and then i remember to posting my amigurumi's collection... Angry Birds!
For this Angr birds, i make three size. Small Medium and Big
And from this pict, i make for medium and big size.
Medium size is 8cm. Big size is about 23cm.
The best seller from Angry Birds amigurumi is yellow one...
I don't know why yellow is best seller.... I make big yellow too.... but i only take picture in my phone..
hahahahahhh.... but i very love the red one...! Of course red! beause red is powerfull and energic!
Okey.. so lets order for Amigurumi Angry Birds.
Sorry that item not be ready, you must Order first and then waiting..
Thankyou.. and so please be patient if you want this.. Don't be angry guys! hahahhahaa ^^

if u want to request,, i will help u to make it happen ^^
for order and product inquiry just text me or Whatssapp  +628180 5996 333  
or email me at

thankyou for visiting ^^

3 komentar:

  1. huaaa..lucunyaaa :D jd minder deh kalo diajak ngerajut bareng,, aku ga bisa amigurumi nih,, br mau belajar yg kecil2

  2. They're super cute!
    Nice to meet you, Nanachan. ^_^

  3. how do u make it big size?? can u share the tips... :)