Senin, 28 November 2011

Name Card

Design and drawn by me :)
Hello Loly!
Introducing my niu name card.. My name card, designed by me. I choosen hot pink and white for base color. Hot pink is a must for lolypop. I think hot pink color can make everybody cheer up and hot...!  The girl on name card represented every girl loves lolypop. So she asked you to like lolypop product too ^^. Favourite product in Lolypop is bennie hat. So i draw the girl with bennie hat, because it's best seller and many people like this. hahhahaha.. any comment?

And then,, I went to Primascan, to make my name card, and ta daaaa...
This result have sharp color and good quality paper.
That color doesn't fade if exposed to water, with dove finished.

Printed in Primascan
Why I choosen Primascan?
Primascan it's a digital graphics service company number one in Semarang since 1975. Primascan have the best sevice for every customer. and Primascan have best quality printing with modern technology.
Primascan can serve indoor (company profile, banner, wallpaper, etc) and outdoor (billboard, neon box, car wrapping)  printing and can designing too.
For other information ,click this for Primascan website, and this for Primascan facebook.

if u want to request,, i will help u to make it happen ^^
for order and product inquiry just text me or Whatssapp  +628180 5996 333  
or email me at 

thankyou for visiting ^^

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