Minggu, 13 November 2011


Hello Lolyyy.....
hahahaha.... lot's of fun in Saniharto,,my last day before resigned on Nov.. I taken photos with my friends ^^..
They are very funny, kind and friendly... We like a big family ^^
I decided to quit from my office, because no passion when i wake up at 6.00 am.. go to the office at 7.30 am, and go back home at 18.00 pm... I fell,, more sure and confident in outside office. and immediately to realize my dream and my passion.

I keep my dream every night and pray to God, for give me my right way. Dream, it's about my passion, talent and my imagine the future. And for ready to be a better person for today and tommorow. It's not easy.., , 
I must be sure about my step that i was taken.
Now, I free and start to be young entrepreneur as an Architect and be Lolypop owner. So, the battle will start. and i need ready to enter the battle.. real world,, I was leader of my own, start to set my self, think positively and closer to God.

I start doing I love. 

When others speak about impossibility, i prefer closing my ears. And say thankyou about anybody who supporting me.

I want to be a good person
I want to be an entrepreneur.

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  1. visited. :-)
    Hidup Nanachaaan, Hidup Lolypop !!!
    Semangaaaaaat :-P !!