Kamis, 05 Juli 2012

Bandung trip #3rd day

Hellooo... This is my diary from Bandung. On 3rd day, i went to Factory Outlet ( Rumah Mode), De ranch and went to Lembang for looked waterfall and Tangkuban Perahu.. :)
1st visit & 2nd visit :D

De Ranch is a place for learning horse riding, eat,
children playground and cafetaria.
We was eating Soto Bandung and Nasi Uduk with Lele :)
Went to Mayasari waterfall. To go this place we must walked about 200m from the 1st waterfall. 
1st waterfall is too small, look like river rafting in Jogja. 2nd waterfall more high, there are three waterfall that comes down to a river. Unfortunately, lots of plastic waste at the mouth river. :( 
Please keep the forest and the waterfall clean :)

Me, Sam and C. Firent
Last.. We went to Tangkuban Perahu.

Looks like on the Sahara desert :D
This Panorama from Tangkuban.
The crater always release sulfur gasses with hot temperature.
I'm flying without wingssss!!!!! :)))
Yeahhh... Finally I can went to natural places like mountain and forest with the fresh air :) release all daily activities. :D Lembang was fun and lots of natural recreation! Hopefully i can go to Lembang agaiinn!!!
Thanks SAM for the best picture! You are talented!

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