Kamis, 05 Juli 2012

Bandung trip #1st & #2nd day

Crayon Craft.
You must go here if you're crafter!
This place is very complete with all craft supplies, learning and shopping.
Many more import brand was here, like ice yarn, amos clay, hearty clay,
Flower maker and imported books.
Goes to Ci-walk in 1st day.
I like Architecture landscape and buliding in Ci walk. Because outdoor and indoor area can be support each other. Like parks for pedestrian and circulation area, sitting group, and some big trees can be as shade in daylight. 
The exterior for the mall
This is circulation area.
Light color like orange, yellow on celing, so contrast with the white column,
and zebracross for sidewalk. 
Shoes counter. I like this interior and concept, hexagon :)
Jonas Photography..
Like the concept from the photo and the exterior counter :)
Minimalis building with sloping columns. Combination with palm tree.
Nice :)
The ceiling lighting.
more cafe at semi outdoor area, no AC.
Outside from Ci Walk.
Paris Van Java.
Paris Van Java is mall look like a Paris market.
See the interior.
Left is 1st floor by using a roof tent. Sunlight and rain can be enter the interior.
2nd ground floor. Lovely lamp :)
Korean Ice Krim at left.
Japanese food.. Yumm! :P at right.
Interior decoration.
accecories counter at left.
"Memang Beda" print on wood at right. so creative!
Yeah... this is a last post from my vacation on Bandung. I really love Bandung and i hope i can back to Bandung again :D So lovely and full creative people with creative stuff, accessories, fashion and food!
I miss Trans Studio Bandung :) So if i can go to Bandung again, i must go to TSB!
See yaaa!

4 komentar:

  1. Hi Nana,

    My Friend have a trip to Bandung next month maybe November....
    if you don't mind can you request to me a shop at Bandung have a accecories like crochet for brooch and yarn too....


    1. Hei Alfa....
      I'm sorry i don't know shop who sells brooch..
      But your friend must go to Crayon Craft.
      Visit Crayon on Jl. Aceh no. 15 or you can contact on (022) 4201043

      This shop sells varios yarn like imported yarn and local yarn (Like cotton yarn for brooch).

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