Minggu, 13 Januari 2013

hello Loly!
Wowww... more than 2 weeks i didn't post on Lolypop!
How's life buddies? i will write about my little feeling...
Today I'm happy and sad... I'm happy because i meet more new friends on January, i stay in my uncle's house and laughed all night.
I'm sad because My uncle and friend goes to other city to reach his dream! Ciayoo!
Middle December last year, on December 17.. I start my job as an architect on housing developer.
I don't know why i choosen that, but I'm sure that I can to be a good architect!
But, i promise to my self, I still to be a crafter too and Lolypop still exist!
In 2012, so many little things make me happy:
1. Improve my skill about graphic design
2. became a head of Festival Rajut Semarang
3. Lolypop was going to fashion show
4. I have new cat
5. Badminton on Wednesday and Sunday
6. start new job as architect
7. Chit chat and always kidding with daddy
8. meet my old friends
9. Mario and Sharon dating ( this couple proved that love is magic)
10. Ketty back in Semarang.
11. Crocheting with dopi on Saturday
12. Cooking pudding for my friends
13. Celebrate x'mas with my family and my grandma
14. Go to another city for holiday!
15. Adventouring Malang and Surabaya with Dopi, Arga and my sis
16. Go to FRI with Te. Rina and c. Firent.. Me and C. Firent follow the fashion show.. hahahaha .. (always smile if i remembered that)
17. Go to Jakarta with uncle and cousin.
18. Singing with youtube in Saturday night
19. Looking good interior design on magazine
20. Having more new friends
21. Followed some bazaar and meet a great people!
22. Lolypop still have you! Thanks for my lovely customer....

How's about your resolution in 2013 buddies?
i hope i can to be a good architect and lolypop can more productive with various product and have a good quality.
I think... i will learn about photography, I hope i can and i having more time to take a best photo!

I must believe with my self! I CAN!
i'm sure to be a great person, you must have a little step consistenly!
Always smile and thankfull to God! :)
have a nice year with wonderfull dream buddies!

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