Sabtu, 22 September 2012


Three month ago, I went to my best friend house, to mourn her father's death. She looks tough, but sometimes I saw her cried. In the funeral, she didn't go back to her house. She cried at the father's grave. 
I just asked in my heart, What's her father so precious for her?
and I saw,I knew, she very love her dad... She love her dad so much... She very proud to be a his daughter! 

Yesterday, my dad told me... about the life.. 
Life isn't simple as my think. Life is full of struggles.
Survive to life. 
Survive for his wife, child and big family. 
For them happiness, not only for my dad happiness.
Because my dad happines are people around him can laugh and happy with him, 
when his child growing to be a great person,
and when his parent proud with him. 
Life is so hard. But we can through it together. optimistic!
He always keeps his family with lovingly.
Expand his bussiness with hard work, honest, and always humble.
and reminds me about the power of God.
He taught me about the meaning of life and i watch him do it.. 
Family is so precious for him.
And passion to be the best at his job!
He is a great daddy!
The greatest gift that I ever had, came from God,
I call him Dad! 
so... hug, and Love your Dad!
I love you Daddy!

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