Jumat, 16 September 2011


T A means "Tugas Akhir" my last assignment for graduated from Unika
I chose the title for my final task "Sentra Digital Printing & Industry Maket"
why i chosen this? because i love that! i love digital printing (before i decided to be an architect, i want to be graphic designer... drawing some cartoon or goes to Disney world, Squaresoft or Clamp - making some comic-) ,
i love to making more maket architecture... need more patient to making one building with detailing.
I hope i can have digital printing .. and maket indusrtry.. hahahhaaa.
just in my dream now... i will wake up, and set goals for my life!
try try and always try..
because, if i always try, succes will be waiting... success starts from small acts from ourselves.
hard work and be patient, pray and say Thanks's to God!
all need more time....

one year ago.. since i pass from Unika.
I'm very happy if i remmembered a little momment from Unika! and always say Thank's to God for every step that i passed...

4 komentar:

  1. wow, your work is fantastic, especially with all the green details! :) congrats!

  2. wah.. jd inget 3 thn lalu juga bikin maket TA :D wisuda kapan nih?

  3. @rika : hehehehehe.... thankyou rika!
    @novyalfee : wisuda udah 1 taun lalu.. agustus 2010... hahahahhahaa...... ^^

    succes for all!!!

  4. dulu cita2ku juga jadi arsitek... ga kesampean... hihihi...