Selasa, 18 Desember 2012

Happy Birthday Mommy and Daddy!!

Grandma : Supriseeee! Happy Birthday honey!
Grandpa : Wow... !! (with koprol)
Grandpa : Thanks darling! Muach,,,,
Grandma : Muachh
Grandpa : Ohh.. I have gift for you too darling..
Grandma : Really?! What is it?
Grandpa : My heart...
Grandma : OMG (Oh May God)..
Grandpa : Darling, Let's go to the Auckland for honeymoon...
Grandma : Okay honey, with this boat?
Grandpa : Of course... this boat has magic that can take us to anywhere,
but only you and me.. Because the fuel of this ship is love.
So only the couple who wrote their name in ship, can make this ship sailing..
Grandma : Woww!  You're so romantic honey...... Muachhhh
I Love You!
Grandpa & Grandma : Ready!! Set!! Go!!
Let's hug and kiss to make this ship sailing around the world!
Good Bye :D
-The end-
Happy Birthday 60th Mom and Dad! I love You Full!!
pf: 12-12-12 / 18-12-12

amigurumi and photos story by Amore craft
story by me :)

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