Selasa, 13 November 2012

SIS School Bazaar

Hello Loly! 3 days ago, Friday and Saturday on Nov 9-10, lolypop followed SIS (Singapore International School) bazaar. This bazaar to celebrate open house on SIS and some of the activities are competition like drawing, futsal,singing and dancing from many school on Semarang. Lolypop's bazaar was succesfull. Many students from SIS and other school was trying to learned crocheting well. Not only the students, some teacher from other country also try it. Soo.... see my report from SIS...
First day, I keep my stand with my partner,Ms. Agustin. 
She also great crocheters.She was teaching crochet basic well. 
From the right is Miss Karin from Filipin..
Many students was learn crochet basic. Some students well done.
Gangnam Duckies

Taught an Indonesian Language teacher.
Smilee :D Because crocheting is so fun!
Right photo is my last students who learned well. 
Bazaar on SIS is so funny. I really love many kids who tried to learned crochet. Crocheting isn't easy, it needs some patient, concentration, precision and creativity. See you on next event!

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