Minggu, 09 Oktober 2011

Personalized Agenda / Diary

 Hello loly...
This design for Yuniar Widya Stefany...
Long time no posting..... hahhahhaa..
I can't manage my time anymore...
hahahahhaaa...... but i decide to chosen for work that i love!
please support me yeah!
hahhahahaa.... ( need more spirit! huhhh hahhhh huuuuhhh hahhhh )

This picture you can request design or send your design!
Hardcover with waterproof. 
U can refill this paper
♥ This paper design followed front design cover, size : A5
♥ very personalized!
♥ Must have item !
♥ For make this agenda/diary needs 2-3 weeks ago for design and 3 - 5 persons to produce it!
♥ High quality design and printing especially for you! 
So, lets check this out!
Concept by: Yuniar & Alisya

if u want to request,, i will help u to make it happen ^^
for order and product inquiry just sms            +628180 5996 333  
or email me at aprilianawijaya@gmail.com

thankyou for visiting ^^

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